Isadora Lights up the Stage at CeBit

Hannover, Germany – Isadora creator Mark Coniglio created a shimmering and dynamic interactive performance piece for the gala opening ceremony of CeBit, Europe’s most important trade show for new technology.

Under direction of the Berlin based communications and event agency Insglück, Coniglio used signature techniques developed for his performance group Troika Ranch to create an interactive interpretation of the CeBit 2012 theme, “Managing Trust.” (See the video – the performance starts at 1m26s.)

Delicate clouds, bits of text, and bursts of electricity emerged from the bodies of artists Duo MainTenanT as they flew through the air, adding a high-tech touch to the couple’s high-powered acrobatics. Isadora was the engine behind this video accompaniment, tracking the couple on stage and generating the real-time imagery in response to their movement.

Technically, Isadora’s tracking module Eyes++ worked in tandem with its 3D particle generation capability and other built-in features to generate the imagery that accompanied the performers.

A tech-saavy audience of nearly 2000 – including the chancellor of Germany, the president of Brazil, and CEO of Google – cheered as the performers and Coniglio’s interactive creation fused together in the climatic moment of the performance.

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