Bang the FX

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July 28-30, 2016 (Three Days)
11am to 4pm Each Day

Application Deadline: June 3rd!!!

Because the number of participants is extremely limited, you must apply to be accepted into this workshop! See application procedure below. Those who are accepted will be notified by June 10th, at which point you will then be required to purchase a three-day pass to the Werkstatt to confirm your participation. 


With almost no time to prepare, you‘ve been asked to mix and match a venue’s technology to make something super spectacular, and you have to do it with a budget that’s just slightly more than zero. Does this sound familiar and a little terrifying? At the Isadora Werkstatt, it will be an improvisational dream come true!

This workshop is an exercise in what the great Seth Kirby from the Joshua Light Show called BANG THE EFFECTS – rhythmically controlling a wide variety of light producing gear. With a fearless attitude towards technology and an improvisational team approach you‘ll build effect and control systems from the gear you have at hand, and then follow your inner rhythm as you bang those effect really hard!

Over three days, master effect banger Fubbi Karlsson will share his knowledge and expertise as you learn to interface Isadora with gear like high density LED strips, video projectors, strobes and lights, Arduinos and relays, fluorescent tubes, DMX interfaces, and/or lasers. These materials will be our guide as we add MIDI controllers to create a “quick and dirty“ performance tool in Isadora. At the party on the last day of the Werkstatt, you‘ll show the result of your efforts and BANG THE EFFECTS for the entire Isadora community to see.


Participation in this workshop is extremely limited. The perfect team member must be ready to work hard and share the glory with the other participants. To be considered, you must write a short application that includes the following information: 2 to 3 sentences about why you want to take this workshop, 2 to 3 sentences that let us know why you‘re the perfect person to take part, and a short statement indicating your commitment to finishin this project during the Werkstatt. We will inform accepted participants by June 15th, 2016. Send your application to: with the subject line “Bang the FX”.

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